SAM INCLINATION is a smart IoT inclinometer

SAM INCLINATION reports in real-time angles and inclinations

Our AI experts customize both the firmware and the backoffice to match your exact needs

  • Smart angle measuring process
  • Precise inclination thresholds
  • Smart alarms, Business Intelligence


International coverage

No roaming fees. Up to 70 connected countries

AI inside

Business intelligence, smart alarms , etc.

Unrivaled battery life

Competitive advantages


No SIM card. No harmful electromagnetic waves

Smart angle measurement process

SAM INCLINATION reports the inclination angles according to your specification

Smart alarm generation by business intelligence or scenario

Inclination thresholds settings

    Set the alarm threshold

    Receive an alert by mail ou text message as soon as SAM INCLINATION detects that a threshold is exceeded

    The digital SAM INCLINATION tracker is far more precise than any other analogic inclinimeter

    SAM INCLINATION is much less expensive than an analogic inclinometer

All-in-one solution

Including tracker, customizable dashboard and backend

A full-featured software suite with smart alarm management, history of angles and alarms


Customized business intelligence to match your specification

User right assignment

Smart temperature control


SAM INCLINATION Protect your assets

With SAM INCLINATION, watch the cold chain and receive smart alarms

EAsy to use

No settings, intuitive management

SAM INCLINATION will take care of everything

Fast ROI

SAM INCLINATION requires a low operating cost, profitable on the short term

Multiple use cases

SAM INCLINATION is multisectorial